Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Bunch of Thoughts Not Remotely Related

Eastern Promises is an amazing film. Very intense, but a little unnecessarily graphic in places. It isn't easy to watch, but it's fascinating. It's all about human trafficking in London, by the Russian mob. These poor girls come to England, thinking they'll have a better life, and get sold into slavery in mob-owned brothels.

The thing that really interested me was how the Russian mobsters have their life, and their history, told on their bodies through tattoos. It is a language all its own; many have religious symbology but of course have nothing to do with religion. A huge cross means you're a thief in good standing. A church with three spires means you've done three prison terms. If you have no tattoos, you're invisible. No other criminal will trust you, because they can't see your life story.

Of course, he's in it, which is good enough for me.

I have decided to just keep writing my Regency because I love it and I'm having fun and I don't care who knows it. If the traditional Regency is dead, and I never sell this thing, at least I had a darn good time.

And since Jane Austen is still making movie producers tons of money, I refuse to believe the Regency won't rise again. Not that I'm comparing myself to Jane, but you get the idea.

My blog friend December is having releases all over the freaking place! Can't wait for Personal Demons- sounds like such great fun. And she's having Zombie Week over at her place, so DQ- here's my tribute:


December/Stacia said...

Lol! Thanks Robyn!

StarvingWriteNow said...

Okay, I totally see the connection. You're doing a regency with paranormal elements (zombies) and your hero looks like Viggo. Am I right?

Stacia said...

BTW, if you're writing a traditional Regency, Cerridwen Press does them. The Cotillion line. AFAIK they're the only publisher still taking them.

Robyn said...

Cool, DQ, thanks! Maybe I should call you Stacia, but I knew you first as December Quinn, and DQ makes me think of Dilly Bars and then I get all happy inside.

Beth...my heavens...that's brilliant. THAT book would freaking sell millions.

Missie said...

You could write any story where the hero looks like Viggo and it would sell. I yike Viggo!

December/Stacia said...

No, no, DQ is fine. I was logged into the wrong email when I commented. :-)