Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Things I Know For A Fact

I know that:

I never ever want to see this stuff again

Salma Hayek has the most impressive rack in the known universe

With parents like this the poor kid never had a chance

I'm glad and munchy that these are here

but I'm downright giddy that these are coming

This looks like the cinematic equivalent of rubbing broken glass in both eyes

Joaquin Phoenix will eat your soul

the world is a much, much sadder place today.


StarvingWriteNow said...

I too am doing the happy dance over those stupid little valentine hearts. But I must say that they had better sayings on them when we were kids.

Do you think Salma's "rack" is real?

It's really too bad Joaquin Phoenix went from studly hot guy to psycho backwoods hermit guy.

and, for the record, Ricardo Montalban rocked. Period.

PS: My word verif. is "fropo." Sounds like some weird coffee drink.

Robyn said...

I'm hoping Joaquin is playing Saddam Hussein or something- but I think even Saddam was better groomed.

Missie said...

When I can actually smell Joaquin's BO through the interwebs, you know it's bad.

I am glad you are posting again. I missed you branging the funny.

Robyn said...

I brang it like nobody else! For which I'm sure everyone is thankful.

Missie said...

My son saw Paul Blart this weekend and even he thought it was stupid. This is a kid who thinks Napoleon Dynamite is a piece of cinematic excellence.

Robyn said...

How many times can they write a joke about that guy being fat? We know he's fat. Get over it.