Monday, November 10, 2008

Does Anyone Have A Ricola?

Right now I'm making that sound. You know the one. The one old men make in the barbershop after they proclaim that Rocky Marciano vas the greatest fighter in de vorld! UUUrrrrrhhhAAAACK.

So I'm taking a day or two to shower with those little vapor tablets that let you bask in the menthol-scented steam, huddle under a blanket with my hot tea with honey and lemon, and ignore my dogs. And watch Iron Man and The Hulk. And Get Smart. If you haven't seen it, you need to.

And I'm also taking a certain amount of unholy pleasure in the fact that Barack Obama will not be able to go take a leak by himself for four years. See ya!


Missie said...

I am sorry you are sick, but have you done the most important thing ever in the history of the world yet? And by that, I mean cast your vote for what kind of dog the Obamas should get when they move into the White House.

If I see one more story about that topic, I may just yack myself.

(my word today is "metedout" in the universe metedout your fate in giving you the cold. sorry bout that.)

StarvingWriteNow said...

No Ricolas, sorry, but I can channel my inner Swiss Alps Horn-Blowing, Lederhosen-Wearing dork and sing you the song...

Riiiii-colaaaaa! Riiiii-colaaaa!

And I hope the Obamas get a big slobbery St. Bernard or a Great Dane or something really non-traditional and cool to roam those hallowed halls.