Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Snark Trifecta

Two of the best blogesses I know, Missie of More of a Woman and Beth from StarvingWriteNow are doing a three-way with me. Take that how you will.

Ah, the holidays at Harlequin headquarters…

A Daddy for Christmas

Missie: We're all going to have a Merry Christmas because this year, Daddy is on the right meds.
Beth: "And then, little Susie plunged the star into daddy's chest, killing him instantly. Christmas night, the family dined well.. and had plenty of leftovers for New Year's."

Robyn: Does anyone else get the feeling that once she puts the star on the tree the mother ship is going to zap him up?

The Christmas She Always Wanted

Robyn: Take your time opening your presents, honey. Mommy and Daddy are going to…um, write thank-you notes to Santa.
Missie: She always wanted to leave her child alone under the tree opening presents while she runs off to be with the latest in a long line of studmuffins.

Beth: Mommy and Daddy are poised for flight just in case Little Satanic Sweetie doesn't like her gifts. (and btw, anyone else notice that Mommy's left leg is half the size of her right?)

The Italian’s Miracle Family

Missie: Somebody has spent a leeeetle too much time in the tanning bed.
Beth: Hello? HQ Art Department? What happened to the little girl's neck? That bowling ball head of hers is going to roll right off without it!

Robyn: Christmas just isn’t complete until you’ve impaled a toddler on the tree.

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StarvingWriteNow said...

You know, that Italian's tan is pretty miraculous... do you think it's tanning bed or spray-on? No way that could be natural!

Robyn said...

I don't like to think too much about tanning...reminds me of those horrible At The Beach ads.

michellewillingham said...

Oh, Lord. You are just way too funny! The little girl without a neck just cracked me up!

Robyn said...

Now, Michelle, we shouldn't laugh at cover model's misfortunes...oh, wait...nevermind.