Friday, February 6, 2009

Do A Favor For Me

Most of you who stop by here also read the blog of Bernita Harris, An Innocent A-Blog, which you can find in my sidebar. Bernita is a fantastic writer, and one of my oldest and dearest blog buddies. She's that rarest of all breeds- a classy broad. Intelligent and witty enough to make you feel slightly intimidated, but she'd be great to knock back a pint or two at the pub whilst reciting limericks.

Her husband had been in very poor health for a few months- cancer surgery, cardiac trouble and pneumonia. She had welcomed him home the last week of January; a joyous time in spite of ongoing problems. But Feb. 3, he passed on.

For those who know and love Bernita and haven't posted your condolences, please do. And if you haven't had the pleasure, please check out her archives. You'll be enriched.

This is all I can do, little as it is. As helpless as I usually feel with family and friends, I feel doubly so with a cyber-relationship. So strange to completely adore a woman I've never met, isn't it?


Missie said...

No, it's not strange, for Bernita is completely adorable. I am heading over there now to give her my condolences. What a sad loss for a wonderful family.

writtenwyrdd said...

She is a great lady. I was so sad to hear of her loss.