Thursday, January 31, 2008

Grumpy Dogs, Pervy Middle Aged Women and Cute Guy Thursday

I have kind of an interesting new job- I do temp work (which leaves me more time for motherhood, wifehood, and writerhood) for several companies that pay me to shop. There are also a couple that pay me to audit; for example, to go to a site and take photos of a business so the investment companies that own them can see the condition of the building, make sure they have fire extinguishers, etc. I had a DOOZY the other day.
I had to take pictures of a hat place. Cowboy hats, in particular. Now, I am a hick. I was raised redneck. I currently reside in Oklahoma, but it is amazing how little of the cowboy hat-wearing, sh*t kicking boot-stomping, Reba MacIntire unintelligible drawl I run into. It is absolutely another world.
I went into this little hattery, took photos of the sales floor and exit signs, then asked to go into the back room. A very nice lady told me, "There's a dog back there. He may nip at your pants leg; just walk like you know what you're doing." I went in and heard a growl. I looked down, and there's a fat furry sausage as high as my knee. And yes, he nipped at my pants leg. Several people are calling, "Tuffy! Sit down! Tuffy! Get back!" which had no effect whatsoever. This dog followed me around the entire time, his nose buried in my pants, growling and taking the occasional nibble. His owners kept admonishing him, as Tuffy proceded to do whatever the heck Tuffy wanted to do.
To be fair, he didn't bite me; I am used to dogs of all kinds and I wasn't scared. But I think next time I'll ask for danger pay.

I usually don't go for young pretty boy actors; grizzled older men are more my speed. Mooning over twentysomethings makes me feel pervy. In this case, though, I'll make an exception. From All My Children, Aiden Turner.

Now he can definitely take a bite.


Bernita said...

He has a great jawline, him does.

Robyn said...

Yes, he do!

StarvingWriteNow said...

He's definitely a looker...

(...probably young enough to have sprung from my loins, but that's beside the point...)

Robyn said...

You see my dilemma.