Monday, March 3, 2008

Yes, I Miss the 80's

It seems that heroines and villainesses alike are pushed into pigeon holes. A heroine can either fight like Xena, Warrior Princess or she's a delicate flower who can barely defend herself verbally from the onslaught of her rival. And the villainess is always gorgeous, sexy, powerful, and brought from mere pissed off obsession to crippling insanity by her jealousy. If a fight occurs, the KA heroine will, indeed, kick some A. The delicate flower will be shoved around like a rag doll until the hero saves her, claiming that he didn't know She Had Gotten That Bad.

Just once, can the girls in my stories have a good old fashioned cat fight; where their hair gets mussed but not their clothes, make-up and nails stay pristine, and useless fluffy animals watch with concern? To wit:


StarvingWriteNow said...


that was great!

Robyn said...

Back in my libertine days we used to do a drinking game while watching Dynasty called "Slapshots." Everytime someone got slapped, you had to do a shot. No one ever made it to the second half sober.