Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tell Me Who Invented Spring Cleaning So I Can Smack Him Upside The Head

My family has been getting sick, giving it to each other, and re-infecting me since January. Since the weather has been nice this week, I decided to do Spring Cleaning. I do it every year, but this time I have a mission: No Germ Shall Survive. I have gone forth, armed with anti-bacterial weapons of mass destruction. Lemony-fresh victory is mine!

Or will be, when I finish with the dining room and the living room today. I'm procrastinating here, because the past two days have been GROSS. I am apparently a pig. I've never been June Cleaver, but I can generally fold the laundry and keep the dishes done. But a nook-and-cranny cleaning of my bathrooms and kitchen reveal that I am a Grade-A slob. And my knees are killing me.

I've cleaned out closets, touched icky things, re-organized everything, and gone after the little eight-legged families in the corners who waved hello. I also went on a small trip to Nostalgia- hey, I remember this! I thought I lost this! The kids disavowed all knowledge of this broken cup!

But all the Mission: Clean going on this week has had one positive effect I hadn't expected. I want to write again. I've kind of had a dry spell for a while, and now I've got new ideas, new scenes, new dialogue wandering around my head. Either that, or the oven cleaner fumes really got to me.


Bernita said...

I'm working on the Spring Cleaning from three years ago.

Robyn said...

I'll admit I usually peter out halfway through, but I stuck it out to the end this year.

Kimber An said...

My sympathies. We just moved, so we're still unpacking, organizing, and putting away. Not fun.

Robyn said...

Ah, the smell of cardboard boxes in the morning.

Kimber An said...

Hey, Robyn,

email me!

I have something I want to ask you about and I can't find an email address for you. Here's mine:


Missie said...

I am tackling the cleaning today. Flu and pneumonia germs do not stand a chance against me and my trusty Lysol!

Robyn said...

On it's way, Kimber!

Hope you feel better quick, girlfriend.