Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Pre-Spring Break Musings

The kiddos will be on Spring Break next week, which means I won't see the computer or the tv except for the morning, when they'll be snoring. I'm not really sure when sleeping until ten-thirty became the norm in our house, but it ticks me off. When I wanted to sleep late, they were little and bounced on the bed. They complained and whined about things like breakfast. Little wimps. Now that they are dedicated narcoleptics and I can conceivably sleep as long as I want to, my eyes are conditioned to pop open at 6:30.

I could still just lie there, warm and snug and lazy, right? Burrowed into the covers, savoring the quiet moments of the morning, birds at the sill? Wrong. The second my dog knows I'm awake, she bounces on the bed and whines, which progresses into growling, which develops into full-blown barks. OUTSIDE OUTSIDE OUTSIDE AND WHILE YOU'RE AT IT ALPO ALPO ALPO LIKE NOW, WOMAN.

My dog is way more spoiled than my children could have ever hoped to be. I tell people that's because beating actually worked on the kids, *kidding! kidding! joke!* but hubby thinks it's because that nurturing mommy thing has to go somewhere now that my progeny have gone pubescent. All I know is that to my dog, I have SUCKER written on my forehead.

I have seen a couple of the new tv shows, and I go from delighted to disgusted. A serial killer that catches other serial killers, and a respectable family man who suddenly decides to cook drugs in a meth lab? I'm going to just say it. I don't care how wonderfully these kind of shows are produced, how beautifully acted, or how powerfully written. I'm sick of them. Can we not develop shows of this caliber without wallowing in the worst of the human condition? It's sick, it's sad, and it's shameful. There, I said it. I'm sure the producers are properly repentant.

Thank goodness for Discovery Channel. Have you seen Human Body: Pushing the Limits? Coolest. Thing. Ever. You can go here and see how much you know about what we really can do in dire circumstances. Things like:
A young man is sucked up into a tornado, only to be spat out a quarter of a mile away, unharmed.
Pinned by a massive boulder, a climber finds the strength to lift it off in a seemingly impossible muscular feat.
A college football player sustains what would normally be unbearable injury and pain, yet has the mental stamina to continue playing at full output.

The information is amazing, but I must admit I just like seeing a lifeguard strip off not just his shirt, but his skin! Seeing skeletons driving, fighting fires, even just simply eating and kissing is better than any zombie movie out there.


Bernita said...

Pavlov dogs us.

StarvingWriteNow said...

Hey, I saw some of that Human Body show last night. It was pretty cool, and I actually learned a thing or two. Good stuff!

Having read all the books, I personally like "Dexter"--however, I was completely floored when CBS decided to start showing it on Network TV. That is definitely a cable show. Sometimes I think these companies just want to see how far they can push the envelope to get a rating point.

Robyn said...

Ring, ring, Bernita.

I know, Beth. I don't think there will be any difference between cable and network in a few years.

Kimber An said...

Yeah, what is it about children and dogs not thinking the Moms need sleep? It's like they program us or something.

December/Stacia said...

I agree with you about the meth lab show, but I loves me some Dexter. I too am stunned they're putting it on the network though--as starvingwritenow said, it's definitely a cable show, both because of the subject and because I'm afraid they'll tone it down for network. :-)

Stupid pets and children. We dn't have any pets but when the girls wake up I've got about three minutes before they're climbing onto the bed. "Time to get up Mommy!"

Robyn said...

They do program us, Kimber. I keep imagining them outside my door doing a 'countdown to pounce.' 3...2...1...WAKE UP MOMMY!!!

Get a cat if you must, DQ. They're much more self-sufficient.

December/Stacia said...

Sadly, I am allergic to cats. Which is a shame because I do love them.