Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I just got through reading a very good story; good characters, believable situations, good plot, but- it fell just a little bit flat. I’m trying to understand why, and I think for me a romance really does stand or fall on the hero.

I love a good heroine. Feisty or shy, kickazz or quiet, tough or tender, I like her. But even if she’s an irritating, annoying bint or a stoopid, wilting waif, I can take her if the hero works. Even if I can’t quite figure out why he digs her.

I have also read many books that had contrived plots and overwrought prose and prime entries in the Oh Yeah, That’s Believable Awards. If the hero works, I’ve been known to overlook things because I am apparently just that shallow.

But a book can have an amazing heroine and a fantastic plot and great writing and I will never pick it up again if it doesn’t give me a hero I fall in love with.

According to my keeper shelf, the men I favor most? Cavemen in an Italian suit. Or a uniform. Or a kilt. Or hip waiters.

Anyone who has ever read my blog, former or present, knows I love Alpha heroes. The more hairy the chest, the better, metaphorically speaking. I wonder what Alpha males spark in me? They’re large and in charge, but ultimately so helpless when they try to understand this woman who won’t stay where she’s put. Fun times.

I’ll be exploring the Mighty Alpha the next few posts, and I’d like to hear from you, too, on what makes a great hero. Join in!


StarvingWriteNow said...

I like an alpha as long as he doesn't forget his beta. Give the girl a bouquet of flowers or let her cry on you or something!

Bernita said...

Oh my, me too!
"Large and in charge" - exactly!(great line!)

And thank you for your good wishes and prayers.

Robyn said...

Oh, Beth, that's part of the fun. A vastly uncomfortable Alpha shoving flowers at the girl is guaranteed to make me swoon!

Bernita, bless your heart! Glad hubby's okay. And glad you like your men MANLY!

Missie said...

Let me get this like men in hip "waders" or you like alpha men who grunt while bringing you drinks, yet also dress very nicely? I am confused.

Robyn said...

Missie, you are my best friend so I can tell you Shut. Up.

How's the packing going? Are you getting excited to move? Probably wishing it was already over!

Missie said...

I see your Shut Up and I raise you a "Ha, Ha, You Need to Proofread Before Hitting Post!"

You know I love you...a little.

Kimber An said...

Oh, I love the true Alpha, but a story doesn't win or lose on the Hero. For example, I read and reviewed MOONSTRUCK by Susan Grant. Wasn't the least bit moved by the hero, although I'm sure many other women will be. I'm just terribly narrow-minded when it comes to heroes. Anyway, the story had enough dimension with the Heroine to succeed with me. I think as long as one character has a strong 'Intimate Adventure,' then I'm happy.