Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Big Doin's, Book Pimpage, and America's Voters Suck

No, not the Presidential election. Dancing with the Stars. How could America vote off total cutie Steve Gutenburg and keep Adam Corolla? Geez.

I used to sneer at reality TV until I realized how much of it I watched. But honestly, how can you resist Tyra Banks' Executioner Face as she tells girls they're not talented enough to sell cheap makeup; Heidi Klum smashing the dreams of fashionistas who drape models in ruffles and old couch fabric; seeing cheftestants have their food judged by a supermodel who put together a few cookbooks by using other people's recipes and who may or may not be on medication because dang, that woman slurs her speeches.

Anyway. My friend December Quinn, aka Stacia Kane, had a book release yesterday! Personal Demons should hit shelves soon, and you can get it on Amazon now. She's been teasing us with excerpts; and they look fantastic. Good on you, DQ!

So my hubs got a new job. We're absolutely thrilled. The interview was more like an Insta-love first date, and he's getting a lot more money. He's also likely to be a lot more fulfilled professionally speaking, which he hasn't been in a long time. But here's the kicker. He may be transferred to Minneapolis. As in Minnesota. As in BRRR.

We're from Oklahoma. Yes, the wind does come sweeping down the plain, and it's also the land of Lucky to Get One Good Snowfall a Year and 100 Degree Summers with 200 Percent Humidity. It will be a culture shock, no doubt but we're all (kids included) kind of stoked for it. Especially when we found out that's where the Mall of America is. The son can go to the shark-filled aquarium (Really? An aquarium in a mall? What a country) while daughter and I shop for shoes. Shoes that they don't charge sales tax for.

Pardon me while I go rent the moving van.


Bernita said...

Lovely news all around!

December/Stacia said...

My favorite thing about Tyra--if it's possible to pick any one thing--is the way she always drops her voice to a whisper when she says "model" during eliminations. "Congratulations, Kajaylaroo, you're still in the running towards become America's Next Top model."

Missie said...

When do you find out if you have to move?

And Mall of America? I am soooo coming to visit you if you live by it.

StarvingWriteNow said...

Go Robyn! Keep us posted!

Robyn said...

Thank you, Bernita!

DQ, I adore Miss Tyra. Anyone unafraid to be photographed during New York Fashion week eating a twinkie is okay by me.

Missie, they have no sales tax on clothes, either! We won't know until his training period is over, sometime around July.

Robyn said...

You bet, Beth. Of course, it will mean me getting another horrible driver's license photo.