Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mad Men

So a few nights ago I was watching Marnie. I love Hitchcock, and though Marnie isn’t one of my favorites I adore Sean Connery. There’s a scene where he has found out that the woman he loves has been lying to him and robbing him blind, and he goes tearing off to find her. When he does, he’s so mad he can’t see straight. My reaction?


That’s the burning question I just can’t answer: Why do ticked off heroes turn me on? When men are mad in real life, I hide unless I think I can take them. But in fiction, film or page? Aitch Ay Double-yew Tee. HAWT.

I don’t enjoy scolds or lectures. I certainly don’t want to see spanking or ‘taming.’ And I don’t get the Punishing Kiss. I’ve made my husband mad. Veins throbbing in the forehead mad. In those moments, I can assure you he hasn’t wanted to kiss me.

Maybe it’s the thought that anger will break down some walls, make the hero finally take action. It might be that it proves he cares. Or maybe it’s the totally shallow notion that, at least in fiction, a man who lets a woman get away with anything isn’t quite a man.

Or maybe it was just Sean Connery.


Kimber An said...

I think it's just Sean Connery.

Robyn said...

Quite possible!

StarvingWriteNow said...

After being with "Mr. Unruffled Feathers" the past six years, I can definitely say I want SOME show of emotion when the situation calls for it.

However on the flip side, when I was married my ex was volatile. Don't like that much either.

Give me a happy medium next time, God, please?

Robyn said...

So hear you. When we were first married, my hubs was Mr. Spock. If he said, "Let's look at this logically" one more time...

Bernita said...

Probably all of your above reasons.
And Sean Connery.

Robyn said...

Sean does it for me at any age, Bernita.