Monday, June 23, 2008

Please Tell Me I Didn’t Just Hear That

I’m not sure daytime television really needs Emmy awards. An Emmy is supposed to reward excellence in television. Daytime is, by many definitions, junk food. It’s like giving a James Beard award to Hostess for the Ding Dong.

But I watched some of the Daytime Emmys to make fun of the fashions, the only true reason for watching award shows, when the Emmy for Best Talk Show-Informative came up. They had to split talk shows into categories this year, Informative and Entertainment. I was remarking that TV was really bankrupt if they had so many shows they to make up more categories, when The Tyra Banks Show was nominated for Informative Talk Show. Tyra, informative? That officially marks the beginning of the apocalypse, right?

Now, I love Miss Tyra. I’ve got to love a woman who is not ashamed to be photographed eating a Twinkie during New York Fashion Week. My daughter and I are addicted to America’s Next Top Model, mostly because we know that after all the catfights, none of these women will ever be seen again. Tyra has accomplished one good thing, though- she champions the curvy girl every chance she gets.

Some magazine or other last year called her fat. Yeah, right. She’s fat. She may love her BBQ ribs, but that girl ain’t fat. I know what fat is. It’s in my mirror every time I can’t avoid a glance. But an angry Tyra yelled on her informative talk show, “Every woman who is built like me needs to tell those kind of people to KISS MY FAT *SS!” Number one, Tyra, please don’t lump yourself in with real fat people, but number two, I appreciate the sentiment. It’s about time that different body types are celebrated, especially in modeling and television and film.

She won an Emmy for that episode. That may be a tad unreal, but no one ever believes awards mean what they’re supposed to. What got me was her acceptance speech. She went on about how no one thought her show would last two weeks, but now it’s on the fourth season, and if you have a dream that no one else believes in you should tell them to, “Kiss your big, juicy, bootylicious,” and I changed the channel. Surely Tyra, who scolds the Top Model girls on their comportment, did not just accept her Emmy by telling people to kiss her big bouncy.

Hey, I said I liked her. I never said she was classy.


StarvingWriteNow said...

Sure Tyra is classy--we'll just have to make a whole new class for her, that's all!

Bernita said...

She surely isn't fat.

Bernita said...

And Robyn,Dear One, thank you for your support at the Roast yesterday.

Robyn said...

Ty Ty Baby is in a class by herself!

You're quite welcome, Bernita, and I'm glad you're enjoying your much deserved success.

Missie said...

Klassy with a K, baby.

If Tyra's fat, I need a crane to get me out of my house.

Robyn said...

If you need a crane, then I need a...whatever's bigger than a crane.