Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Monday Musings

Some strange wriggly fish in my stream of consciousness this morning:

Rachel Ray's food really isn't that good.

Sitcoms suck. How did all these fat bald fools who can't manage to tie their shoes marry these hot women with 0% body fat even after three semi-adorable children? I want some older, wiser women who aren't stupid and desperate. I lust for the rant Julia Sugarbaker from Designing Women would have had after the Great Starlet Ladybits Flash-a-palooza last summer. And the only movie made from an old tv show I want to see is Picture This: Sicily, 1939.

My daughter and I want to become chocolate pushers in Hidden Valley.

Just once, I want a gorgeous, haunted, seductive, alpha male vampire to hear this from his chosen mate. "Hell, no, you can't bite me! Ew, gross!"

We should be able to move in September to an actual house with a fenced backyard and a garage and a driveway but why do all these freaking 3 bedroom houses only have 1.5 baths?!? Is another tub, or at least a shower, really too much to ask? Geez.

Happy Monday!


Alice said...

OOoo..don't ever diss on the vampires man. Especially if my new blog header comes to fruition. (In the next 6 months is what it feels like at this point.) ; )

ps. I hate Rachel Ray so I'm glad you don't care for her food.

StarvingWriteNow said...

I think Rachael is okay, I could definitely love a vamp book that had a scene like that in it, and I totally agree on the sitcom thingy. I can't even watch those shows, it bugs me so much. However I did learn that men view themselves as being in better shape than they are, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Missie said...

I agree on the vampires.

I semi-agree on Rachael Ray. Her food isn't that good...when I make it. And it alllllways takes more than thirty minutes.

And the half bath thing? I so feel you there.

Robyn said...

Alice, it's just that sometimes they have it too easy, y'know? The fated mate thing always happens and the women fall like dominoes.

Yes, Beth, but why do the hot women view them that way?

Missie, I made one of her pork dishes with an apple sauce- tasted like a piece of apple pie on a pork chop. Too sweet, ew. And yes, it took more than 30 minutes.

December/Stacia said...

Oh, Julia Sugarbaker. One of the greatest characters ever. I still love her rant at the pageant, when she catches some of the contestants making fun of Suzanne? "And that was the night the lights went out in Georgia!"

Oooh. I get shivery. Loved that show--at least until Delta Burke left. I actually love Delta Burke too.

And I also agree on Rachel Ray. My husband has this very odd reaction to her. he hates her but, I think, also has a weird crush on her. It's very amusing.

StarvingWriteNow said...

I don't think hot women view them that way at all. I think the MEN think that no matter how gross they are, women will still want them and think they are total studs. Complete opposite of how women see themselves.