Monday, July 28, 2008

Vacation Update: I Love Pedicures

I was soooooo wrong about the pedicure thing.

They do so much more than paint your toenails! I spent half an hour in a massage chair, with my feet in a mini-whirlpool with blue bath salts. This nice lady trimmed the nails, buffed off the callouses, dipped my feet in hot wax, which at first was YOWAIEE but the warmth seeped in all the way to the bone and when she peeled the wax off they were softer than a baby's behind, and THEN she massaged my calves (calfs?) before applying gold paint. Because I am a STAR, y'all. My daughter enjoyed hers, too, and it was a wonderful day of pampering for the girls.

My son and my husband went on a male bonding spree with home improvement, bowling, and reptiles. Specifically, this reptile:

A bearded dragon named Drake. Short for Draco. Get it? He's actually very cute, he isn't slimy, and he doesn't stink as much as the salamander does. He does, however, eat LIVE crickets. And can we catch them in the backyard? Of course not, you fool. This lizard must have special 'gut loaded' crickets that we must go buy at the pet store every 3-4 days. As well as veggies when he gets older, but not just any old salad greens that will upset his delicate reptile digestion. Argh. And I thought the dog was spoiled.

Speaking of whom, we didn't forget her. She got to ride in the car and went to the lake and chased varmints and came home so covered in lake debris she got sheared.

Don't feel too bad for her. I bought her a squeaky toy ferret and some snausages, which is gold in her book.


StarvingWriteNow said...

Yay! Robyn's back! Glad you had a nice week off. I love getting pedicures too, but most of the time it's the DIY type. Oh well. Maybe for christmas.

Missie said...

Um, you realize your pets get treated better on vacation than I do?

Glad you had a good time.

Robyn said...

Beth, I have decided I will do without some other things in order to get regular pedis. It's a wonderful, but fairly inexpensive, indulgence.

Missie, my pets get treated better than any of us do!

Alice said...

I like Drake and wouldn't mind one of those. I've grown overly fond of our fire-bellied toads, but we're much meaner. We throw in flies and bugs from outside. Hey...they're still alive so far!

writtenwyrdd said...

YOu didn't try that fish pedicure, did you? Now that would be wierd!

Glad you had a good time.

Bernita said...

And we see your very toes have curled with the pleasure!

Robyn said...

Alice, Drake is very cute and he loves humans! When he gets older we can even put him on a leash.

Written, if that means what I think it means I don't anything to do with it!

Bernita, I read the coolest anthology. There's a story with a hero who shapeshifts into a Black Dog called Old Shuck- tell you more about it tomorrow.

Kimber An said...

Oh, yes, pedicures are heavenly!

Love the lizard. Wish I had my own. They're so cute.

Robyn said...

Kimber, I never thought I'd be the one to say the lizard's adorable, but he is.