Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Best Romance Hero Ever

This guy is definitely the best hero I’ve ever seen. He isn’t an Alpha male;

He isn’t a fireman, a cop, or a Navy Seal;

He isn’t a cowboy, a pirate, or an eligible Duke;

He isn’t a Greek businessman, a powerful Sheikh, or a ruthless Italian millionaire;

And he certainly isn’t a shape shifter, demon hunter, or vampire.

But he has worked jobs he didn’t enjoy for 20 years to provide for his family;

He has loved his daughter and shown her the way a true man treats a lady;

He has overcome his natural ‘men don’t show emotion or affection’ to give his son both;

And he has made his wife feel important, wanted, sexy, smart, and loved- so, so loved.

Waking next to him is like turning the next page of the greatest love story ever written, and for once, I am the heroine of the tale.

He’s my hero, and today we celebrate the 21st year of our happily ever after.

Happy Anniversary, Gary. I love you.


Precie said...

Awwwwwwww! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!

Alice said...

Congratulations to you and your very own romance hero!

Bernita said...

This is one of the nicest posts I've ever read on the net.
Happy Anniversary, Robyn. He sounds as if he deserves you.

Missie said...

Happy happy to both of you.

(guess I won't be calling you later today to see what you are up to...)

StarvingWriteNow said...

That's so great. Good for you guys!! May you have 21 more fun, sexy, loving years!

Kimber An said...

Awwww, congratulations! I love my Best Romance Hero ever too. He never, ever tells me I'm fat and he always brings me chocolate and kisses me and caves in when I want another baby.