Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Totally Made Up A Word and Cute Guy Friday

BLOGPLAIN vb. blogplained; blogplaining : to express grief, pain, or discontent on one’s blog. Similar to complaining, but whinier.

That’s my word. You can use it, though. Just pay me a penny every time you do.

I tend to blogplain a lot. In fact, Blogsylvania seems to be one big therapy session, don’t it? From righteous indignation to primal anger to general pissyness, it’s an ugly world sometimes. So today, I’m going to do something happy. Hugh Jackman is advertising my contest!

Nope. Nothing to blogplain about here.


Kimber An said...

Hmmm, nah. If I was a single girl, I'd keep looking. Unless he can change diapers. Then, I might reconsider.

'Blogsylvania' - love it!

Bernita said...

Nice to see a man who doesn't shave his chest.

Robyn said...

As I understand it, he's a very involved father, Kimber.

Oh, yes, Bernita. I like fur.

Kimber An said...

I don't like excessive hairiness, but something about shaving one's chest really grosses me out. I think Hugh has just the right amount and if he can change diapers both is kids and their mommy are very lucky!

anna said...

There was an anecdote from a photographer a couple of years ago about going around behind a tent at an outdoor event and finding Hugh Jackman changing his baby's diaper. He was impressed with what a good hands-on father he was. All reports are that he's a wonderful family man. And a great person. And a hunk.

Robyn said...

And one heck of an actor. Have you seen the DVD of his live performance in OKLAHOMA?

And hey, Anna, how are you?

Missie said...

I likey da Hugh Jackman. Yessirree.