Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Mighty HQ: Fug or Fab?

Since she’s been taking over Snark Empress duties lately, I’ve asked Beth from StarvingWriteNow to cross-blog snark with me! We have to wonder at the bi-polar nature of the cover artists over HQ way. Some are really, really good. Others are...not so much. To wit:

Last Wolf Watching

Robyn: Don’t you just hate it when normal, intelligent women see a picture like this and get so bothered that they aren’t capable of rational thought and can’t speak except for words like WHOA and ACK and OH, BAYBA and have to keep themselves from licking the page? Yeah, I hate that, too.

Beth: WHOA. ACK. RRROWWRR! Like to get my hands on that six pack, baby! What? Oh, yes... (ahem!) Well, he's ripped like nobody's business, but the question is, what is going on with that feathered flippy hairdo?

In The Flesh

Robyn: Yes, he certainly is. But do you ever wonder if these guys speak like, say, Christian Siriano from Project Runway? Mr. Buff would meet you at the door and say, “Girl, is it raining? You look like a hot tranny mess. Come in. I just made lattes and they are fierce.”

Beth: LOL... you just know Mr. Buff's got some gold lame shirts in his closet. "Like, how do I hold this gun thingy again? Up? You sure? 'Cause it would look totally bitchen in my waistband. Where's my latte?"
What's your vote, Fug or Fab? For more covers, go over to StarvingWriteNow!


spyscribbler said...

What is up with that hair? And why in the world is he doing his gun routine without a shirt one? I just don't buy it.

I will buy those sexy chests, though.

Bernita said...

I do like covers that make me want to reach for the belt buckle.

Robyn said...

To be honest, Spy, I'm not looking at his hair.

Yes, Bernita. RRowr.

December/Stacia said...

I think the top cover is ugly. The dude looks good--don't care about his hair--but the cover

The second would look a lot better if he had an unbuttoned shirt on. So you just get a slice of that nice bod.

December/Stacia said...

Oh, but, re the first cover? As per the discussion a few days back on the SB site about hairy chests--is that guy supposed to be a werewolf? Who ever heard of a were who had a completely hairless chest?

Robyn said...

December, I hate all the slick hairlessness. I like a little fur.

Missie said...


Last Wolf Watching? Like there were a whole bunch of wolves watching, and then they got kinda bored because nothing was really going on, so Frank says to Bill, "Heya, I'm gonna go try to catch the action over at the Fulfendinkel farm, because they just got a new horse who's trying to adjust to their corral and it's hilarious. You wit me?" and then Frank's all, "Yeah, I'm witcha. Gimme a minute to let Ralph over here know we're leavin. Heya, Ralphie? Me an Frank's headin over to the Fulfendinkel farm. You comin?" Then Ralph's all, "No, man but thanks for askin. I want to be the Last Wolf Watchin."

Excuse me while I poke a pencil in my eye.

Robyn said...

Now I want a farm just so I can name it Fulfendinkel.