Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Random Rainy Wednesday Musings

It’s raining. AGAIN. I happen to like thunderstorms, but my diva dog does not. She’ll be trying to climb on my head most of the day. I can’t convince her that, at 5’2”, my head is not higher ground. We’re blessed to live in an area that misses most of the really bad weather, including tornadoes. There’s some long geographical reason for it that I can’t explain or remember, but we’ve never had a big tornado here.

Of course, living in Oklahoma I’ve been through a tornado or two. And even though they are deadly, when you grow up here you don’t really think about it. The proper Oklahoma Response to Weather:

Thunderstorm Watch: So?
Thunderstorm Warning: Let’s go to the mall!
Tornado Watch: Honey, my tee time’s at 8:00.
Tornado Warning: Kids are in the bathroom with pillows over their heads; moms are running between the bathroom and the front door to yell at their husbands, who are all in the middle of the street peering at the sky and discussing it.


Saw snippets of Alec Baldwin on 60 minutes the other night. Of course, they replayed his phone message to his then 11 year old daughter, where he called her a rude, thoughtless little pig and he was going to fly to her home and straighten her *ss out. He apologized, said it was wrong, and promptly scolded Morley Safer for being judgmental of him. After all, he was under tremendous stress, enduring a terrible custody battle, and he just lost his temper. Way to make it all about you, Alec. He asked Morley haven’t you ever gotten mad at your kids?

I know I have. Really mad. Seeing red, veins throbbing in my neck mad. I will admit that I have shouted. And stopped when I saw how much it scared them. Parents are humans, and therefore will make mistakes. Sometimes, bad ones. But calling your little girl a thoughtless pig and whining that you were somewhat justified months after the fact? Alec, you’re still a jerk.

Don’t forget to enter the contest. And I’m working on a post about Romance’s Favorite Man. Watch for it!


StarvingWriteNow said...

Your diva dog looks like a big sweetheart.

My son calls me "Exorcist Lady" when I get REALLY mad. It doesn't happen often, thank goodness.

Robyn said...

Oh, Mazie's a hoot. I promise I don't come down hard on her; for all my blogplaining (I JUST MADE UP A WORD!) I love her and she rules the roost.

My kids swear my eyes start glowing red.

StarvingWriteNow said...

OH! Awesome word! Can I add it to my Vocabulary list on Starving?

Robyn said...

Go for it! I am, of course, writing a post on it tomorrow and claiming all credit.

Missie said...

Blogplaining may now be my new favorite word.

I haven't liked Alec Baldwin in anything since Hunt for Red October. He can go kiss a pig for all I care.

Kimber An said...

Doesn't get warm enough for thunderstorms in Alaska often. So, we stand out there going 'ooooh' and 'awwwwww' as a family activity. Of course, we NEVER have to worry about tornados!

Robyn said...

Missie, that would insult the pig.

Yeah, Kimber, but isn't the Alaska state bird the mosquito?